An Elder Scrolls Legend - Battlespire


An Elder Scrolls Legend - Battlespire
Abenteuer, RPG

Release: 1997

Größe: 632 MB
Medium: 1 CD

If you've played a lot of the Elder Scrolls games, you'll know some of the earlier ones are a bit kooky. Morrowind is remembered for it's grand vision but it had some very strange quests and characters. Daggerfall was not above quirks either, particularly NPC dialogue. Bethesda must have been at peak kookiness when they made Battlespire; it must be the strangest game in the series. You'll choose your class and use a clever point-buy system to build your character from scratch and begin doing some dungeon crawling. The first thing you'll notice is as there are almost no NPC's in the game, a lot of your dialogue is with your enemies; intimidating cowardly scamps to fight for you, trading grunts with the Vermai, trying unsuccessfully to convince the Dremora they've got you confused with someone else (which they do). You'll even fend off the 'advances' of a spider demon. The few non-demons you'll run into are mad, hopeless or baffling. Bethesda games have a bit of a reputation for being buggy but this one is particularly bad. You'll see enemies caught on the world geometry all the time, and when they cast AOEs (as they often do) they're apt to kill themselves as often as they are you. Sometimes you just die if you jump into a corner, and every death cuts the game to the DOS prompt. The controls are dreadful. The drag-to-hit system from Daggerfall is back but with mouse freelook. This makes it almost impossible to even look at your opponent when you're trying to hit them. Spell-casting has quick slots this time around thankfully, as the spellbook is counter-intuitive and slow. Yet there's something oddly endearing about this game. The dungeons are well designed, the dialogue has a lot of character, and there's a fun sense of exploration and progression. If the TES series are friends at a party, Battlespire is wearing a lamp-shade with a scary face painted on it. It might look scary, but it's charmingly oddball at it's core.

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Metascore: -, Userscore: 5.2, YouTube

Create your champion using the unique character design system The custom SpellMaker system allows you to customise Do battle with numerous fiendishly rendered original monsters old game runs under latest OS

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